Wheel Condition Monitor


WCM® provides information on wheel tread and loading conditions to help you improve wheel life, bogie maintenance, and safety. It is an innovative and low-cost system with both wheel impact load detector (WILD) and weigh-in-motion (WIM) capabilities.

WCM® reliably detects a range of wheel tread defect and loading problems including:

- Flats, spalls, shelling, out-of-roundness

- High wheel impact loads

- Vehicle/axle overloading

- Poor vehicle/bogie loading (imbalance)

- Wheel unloading.

Sensors are modular and clamp to the rail with no requirement for track structure modifications. Benefits of clamp-on sensors are easy maintenance and quick installation often without interfering with normal traffic.

Routine track maintenance – such as tamping – is normally done with the sensors left in-situ. The system can be removed from the rail without WCS support.if needed.

Over 60 WCM® systems are installed in countries including Australia, New Zealand, USA, Mexico, Brazil, UK, Norway, Ireland, Russia, India, and China, This covers arctic, desert and tropical conditions.

WCM® can be provided with an automatic vehicle identification (AVI) system, typically consisting of tag readers that capture RFID tags mounted on passing rolling stock. This allows data to be assigned to rolling stock components for trending and alerting.

FleetONE provides a user-friendly interface for alerting, reporting and data analysis. WCS supports you after installation to ensure you get value out of the information provided by WCM®.