Bogie Geometry Monitor


Bogie Geometry Monitor (BGM) is designed to check the operational health of every bogie that passes through the system. The system performs dynamic assessments of:

    - Hunting 

    - Tracking

    - Angle of Attack (AOA) 

    - Inter-Axle misalignment

    - Geometrical instability

BGM can be used as a stand-alone system or deployed with other Track IQ products, as its sensor array shares a number of common on-track devices with our imaging systems

such as the such as the WPM (Wheel Profile 

Module) and BIM (Brake Inspection Module) devices.

The combination of these systems allows users to analyse the interdependency shown through the measurements and determine the root cause of detected issues.

The combination of multiple systems can provide maintenance staff with valuable information leading those staff to diagnose bogie issues with bearing adaptors, springs, friction wedges or side bearers - all of which impact bogie performance. and may be the root cause of accelerated wear or poor performance.

The BGM system is manufactured using reliable industrial inductive sensors requiring minimal maintenance and calibration.

Our BGM system is easily installed and is a low power system, allowing it to be run by a simple solar or wind supply system.

The BGM system provides reliable lateral distance measurements as it not affected by the changes of wheel and rail condition over time - e.g. when there is track pumping, or track stiffness changes over time.