About us  

Wabtec Control Systems(WCS) is a leader in the provision of integrated engineering services to the rail industry. We help our customers design, build and maintain rail signalling, asset management, communications and train control systems. 

The Asset Management group of WCS provides wayside based condition monitoring systems which are well known as Track IQ suite.

With broad recognition as a leader in condition monitoring systems and associated technologies, Track IQ Condition Monitoring and Predictive Asset Management systems have been installed on rail networks throughout the world including numerous Freight, Heavy Haul and Passenger Railways in Australia, Europe, China, India, South Africa, UAE and New Zealand, as well as North and South America

With continuous investment through both organic growth and acquisition, we continue to develop market leading solutions that meet the challenges of operating an efficient modern railway.

Wabtec Control Systems is an Australian company and wholly owned subsidiary of Wabtec Corporation.